About Us

    about us

John Casanova, the owner of Clevelands’ Country Store, had a vision. He saw an old, abandoned barn in the heart of Plymouth, Connecticut. John knew the building needed a lot of work; nonetheless, he was inspired to own a nostalgic candy shop and a country store. He spent one year renovating the building. In the meantime, he set out finding the best products to add to his store. After ten years of experimentation (and hard work), the business became a success! Clevelands’ has been featured in the Bristol Press, Connecticut Magazine, The Plymouth Connection, and has been recognized by the town of Plymouth.

John’s interest in the community has been quietly making a difference for years. Through his first company, Casanova Remodeling, he has given away eight new roofs to families in need, and together with his family, he has raised and donated over 15,000 pounds of food for the Plymouth Community Food Pantry (held every year before Thanksgiving). Clevelands’ Country Store has given to countless hospitals during the COVID-19 crisis and has offered free food to those impacted by the economic effects of the virus.

John Sr. taught his two sons and his daughter about the spirit of giving and community service from a very young age. Today, John Jr. teaches these values of giving and community service to his children, Christopher, Joshua, Andrew, John, Emma, and Noah.

With that being said, we hope you have an oppertunity to visit us! Take the family out to enjoy sandwiches, have the kids (or adults) load up on nostalgic candies, and finish it off with ice cream on our patios! You will have a blast!